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The MAC Heirloom Mix line is part of this years MAC holiday collection, and I am glad that the pressed pigment in the shade Enchantment (limited edition) is the only item that caught my eye from their holiday collection.  I usually love just about every makeup brand holiday release and scamper about trying to order/find everything in store before it is gone, so this is a nice break not to have to worry about missing out for once.

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I purchased Enchantment on 10/19 when it went live online.  This is the only item that has sold out online so far, so I’m glad I ordered right away.  It seems others feel the same as me about the less than stellar holiday collection considering it is still very available.  It is now available in stores as well.  Pressed Pigments are priced at $19.50, which is slightly less than the traditional $21 pressed pigments, but you are getting much less, adding to my reluctance to purchase additional items from this collection.  Regular pressed pigments contain .10 oz. of product, and the pigments in this collection weigh in at just .04 oz.  They are less than half the size and almost the same price.  I can’t say they’re something I’ll use so often as to run out, even at the smaller size, so I guess it doesn’t matter all that much, but I can’t help but feel a little taken by this smaller size.  The packaging is pretty, glossy with flecks of silver glitter, but I don’t feel it makes up for skimping on product.

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Enchantment looks like a mix of blue and purple glitter in the package.  My initial swatch felt hard and dry so I didn’t think it would apply well, but it surprisingly went on very nicely.  I sprayed my brush with water and then wiggled firmly onto the shadow to get it onto my brush.  It certainly isn’t creamy or smooth in any way so it does take a bit of effort to snag some product.  When I applied, it went on very smoothly, just like the loose pigments, and it blended well too.  I had absolutely no issues with application at all so don’t let the texture deter you if you like these colors.  I had absolutely NO FALLOUT with this!  It does contain micro glitter so I was sure there would be at least a little, but nope.  None.  It lasted well all day with no setting spray.  I did use my Camel Coat Paint Pot as a base to help it adhere.

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Overall, it is a really beautiful, unique color that is buildable, so it would be good for anyone and is safe for those who tend to keep a more natural look but like to touch on the dark side every so often.  Has anyone tried any of the other pigments from this collection?  Would love to hear…

Pros: Applies nicely, no fallout, blends well, long lasting.

Cons: Texture is hard in the packaging, overpriced for the size.

Cost: $19.50 for .04 oz.

Available at: MAC Cosmetics or MAC stores/counters.