Hi everyone.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and it’s good to be back!  I found a new app that I am absolutely loving.  It’s called StyleBook.  Unfortunately it is only available for Iphone, but I have an alternative for those of you who use other phones…

First, StyleBook is an app that allows you to catalog everything in your closet.  You can put outfits together for each day of the week (or month) using their calendar option, make a packing list by creating looks for vacation, add style inspiration photos from the web and a whole lot more.  Initially, you need to take photos of your clothing and upload it into the app (it allows for unlimited storage) which is somewhat time consuming, but once that is done it is so worth the initial time investment.  I have saved so much time in the long run by picking my outfits for the week through my app while I have an extra couple of minutes here and there.   I also used the travel feature to create a packing list for my trip last weekend and I saved all my “looks” for each day of the trip so I knew exactly what to wear without having to dig through my suitcase and try to remember what goes with what.

Taking the photos:  you have to have a white background and good lighting so the app is able to clear all that extra space away.  I didn’t want to use my nice sheets so I picked up a yard of clearance fabric at Walmart for $2 and used that.  It does have difficulty discerning between the background and white clothing, but there is a manual edit option that allows you to crop the background out yourself for those items.

I am still working on completing my virtual closet but I’m almost there.  I have all the hanging items uploaded and half of my shoes, all of my jewelry and some of my makeup (yeah, I’m adding my makeup too so I can put that on my virtual packing list).  Still need to add shorts, jeans, accessories and outerwear.

You can check out the website to learn more about the app: www.stylebookapp.com.

For those of you who don’t use Iphones, or if you prefer to choose outfits/pack via a paper list, I have a great link to a printable outfit planner!  I use the paper version before the app sometimes, as I really like them both.  The PopSugar link to the article containing the printable planner is here and the direct link to the printable pdf is here.  Also, be sure to check out my packing list post here.

On another note, my hair is now blue ombre thanks to April at Elle Salon!  I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and am so happy with how it turned out.  If you’re in central PA, be sure to check out the salon.  We used a custom blend of Pravana colors and so far it’s holding up great with no staining casualties!  Even my white pillow cases are stain free.


Shirt: Express, new and still available.

Lipstick: NYX Black Label in Tea in the Afternoon

Necklace: Tiffany & Co.