My first review outside of Tory Burch! 

I’ve been going through my closet recently and thought to review my coach bags which there are three.

Coach is kind of an every day brand that is most common to see many women carrying.

My very first Coach bag was the Coach Alexandra Snaphead:

Product: Coach Alexandra Snaphead

Price: $398 (Retail) / Price I paid: $90


Beautiful first Coach bag!


I was extremely excited to get my first ever coach bag in the mail! I am definitely a handbag girl, I love bags!

This is not a common bag/print you see often. The look is called “snaphead”, I saw a review on youtube where a woman had this bag just in another color and thought it was such a pretty bag…I miraculously found this bag on ebay for only $90! Much better than the retail price of $398. There’s no way I’m paying $400 for a handbag..I might like bags but not that much!

IMG_1391You can’t help but love the detailing on this bag!

I love the subtle color blend!

In my opinion, many coach bags have similar looks to them, but the design of this bag is very unique from the typical “C” print on most coach bags.

This bag also comes in a vibrant purple purple, brown and white color blend…which is just as beautiful as the blue colors. I really like both but I could see myself carrying the blue more because the more subtle colors matched with more of my wardrobe.


My very second bag was a Coach crossbody I found an upscale consignment store! 

Before you go ewh…consignment..hand-me-downs… Think about this. I got a perfectly nice, in perfect condition, coach crossbody for only… $28! (You won’t even find a bag on ebay for that price unless you’re extremely lucky)

How about I actually show you the bag now?

coach bag review

This pretty pink and gold ensemble is just the bag for me!

Although I typically prefer larger bags such as my first coach bag, I had went looking at a consignment shop, Divine Consign, an upscale consignment shop in Charlotte, NC, for a more travel friendly bag to take to the beach and found this!

If you’re in the Charlotte area I highly recommend taking a peak in Divine Consign, it has all the brands you could love! 

Lilly Pulitzer, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Vineyard Vines..etc..etc.


The details of this crossbody are adorable! Pretty in pink much?

I think yes!

Everyone has that color that just works for them and mine happens to be pink.

I love the combo of gold and pink!

The subtle pink is very pretty as well, it matches with pretty much every outfit!


My bag + gold sweater & leggings:

This bag adds an elegant little touch to any outfit, whether work or casual (my outfit in the picture is for work).

The pink and gold, compliment the gold tint to the fabric of the bag very well.

I have gotten many compliments on this bag and it is the perfect crossbody for a busy body like myself!

Last but not least…the Coach bag that I bought my mom for Mother’s day!

Product: Coach Crossbody

Price (Retail): Unknown / Price (Marked Down): $119 / Price (Sale): $50

My mom really liked my bag so around Mother’s day I was with my friend in the local outlet mall and decided to stop by the Coach store. There was a 50% off every item in the store (even marked down & sale items). I can’t remember the retail price of this bag, however, it was marked down to $119 and with the 50% off I got it for $60.

This bag was the only one in the store actually, lucky find!

I thought the color was very pretty, the lavender added a nice happy touch to the beige.

The coach emblem is pretty and the tags are cute (aren’t they always?)…my favorite feature of this bag is the color, people see this bag and initially are drawn to the color (that is what initially drew me to this bag). I do like the size of this bag is a little wider than my pink crossbody, however, it contains an inside zipper, a back pouch, and two pouches on the inside…it can hold a substantial amount of items and is still a very handy size!

1901443_10202110199862741_1722973916920526760_n10271481_10202109606967919_7344422561850421657_nIf you’re looking for a Coach bag I would recommend any of the bags in this review just depending on your preference..

If you like larger handbags go for the Alexandra bag! (The long strap on the Alexandra bag is still very handy when needed and can be used as a crossbody) The unusual snaphead pattern is sure to stand out among the other many coach bags you will see!

If you prefer a smaller bag and don’t require much space for all your hand bag needs..go for the smaller crossbody! It is very handy for no matter where you’re going. Add an elegant touch touch to any outfit!

If you’re looking for something more size handy yet still holds a substantial amount the last crossbody in my review is for you! The happy color is sure to catch the eyes of anyone!

Trying to save a few bucks? I recommend keeping up with the outlet Coach stores! I do not shop at the outlet mall often, however, there is always a sale going on in the Coach store every time I am in the outlet mall.

Look for more reviews to come! Any questions, comments, or feedback, we would love to hear! {Mackenzie}