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Wow…it has been five months since my last review!

I’m back again with yet another Tory Burch review!

IMG_7588Imagine my excitement to open this at Christmas!!!

Unfortunately this boot is no longer listed on the Tory Burch website…



This review is focusing on the beautiful Calista Riding Boot!

Product: Calista Riding Boot

Price: $495 (Retail) / Sale Price: $346

Added Black Friday (2013) Discount: $298

Even though this review is primarily on the Calista Riding boot… I intend to provide a couple little reviews on a couple different Tory boots at the end of the Calista review.

If you know about Tory Burch boots…you know Tory boots are notorious for two things, how tall they are and how tight the calves are.

So basically you feel like you have to have a stick leg to fit into her boots…

To be honest that is the only con against TB boots I have!

Unfortunately I have short legs and average size calves. The boots just barely come below my knees and amazingly they did fit my calves. When I ordered the boots I was terrified that my boots weren’t gonna fit my calves. I will admit I had to stretch the boots out for awhile because even though they did fit they were tight.


My actual boots

A little fact about these boots are that the Calista Riding Boot was the first boot that Tory ever reintroduced. It came out in fall of 2012 and were reintroduced in fall of 2013 because the boot was so popular, much more popular than expected and sold out very quickly.

When I first saw these boots I immediately fell in love with them (didn’t quite fall in love with the price as easily). I remember wishing so badly that I had the money to buy the boots… unfortunately I’m not as fortunate to have $530 (that’s with tax) laying around to spend on a pair of beautiful boots. I was out of my mind enough to save up for them to be my 2013 Christmas present… I ended up getting them for a good price though, on sale plus the black friday discount!


Let me tell you! If you get nothing else from this review listen up! Shop for Tory Burch around black friday (hint hint..best time to buy TB) especially if the shoes you want are on sale. You might have to get the store to order from another store like I did, but saving tons of money is worth it! I saved $232 buying these boots on sale plus the black friday discount! Even though these boots were still not cheap you can’t beat those savings!! I even had enough money left over (because I saved up a whole $530) to buy the adorable Caroline Ballet Flat (featured in my last review)!


Honestly…what’s not to love about this boot?!

This boot comes in almond (the color of my boots), black, and I believe a lighter beige & darker red color.

You can just look at these boots and see the beautiful quality of Tory! I once was in an elevator wearing these boots and a woman started asking me all about my boots telling me she could tell just by looking at them that they were expensive…in other words good quality.


You can’t help but love the hardware on these boots! Similar to the Nadine Riding Boot (if anyone remembers them cute boots), just bigger really.

In my opinion the TB logo is a very nice and modest size! It is not too large consuming the boot, however, not too small where you can’t appreciate the brand. This may sound a little materialistic (I am NOT a materialistic person, I appreciate quality), but if I’m  gonna pay so much for a designer boot and the quality I am paying for I like it to be somewhat noticeable because Tory Burch products are something to proud of.

If you only wanted to hear about the Calista boot then you have finished this review. The rest of the review is about other boots I have tried.

(PS. Comfort factor will be in the very last part of the review)

We’re gonna take a detour from the Calista boot before I end this review . If you prefer a more noticeable logo that is probably two times as large, the Kiernan boot or the Amanda boot is probably for you (also very popular boots in their seasons)! Out of the two suggested, I prefer the Kiernan, but the Amanda is a very nice boot as well. I actually very much like the Kiernan boot even though the logo is bigger than my usual preference…it was actually between the Kiernan boot and the Calista.


Product: Kiernan Riding Boot / Price: $495

Here’s a glance of when I tried on the Kiernan boot in black in the Tory Burch store!

They’re very snazzy boots might I add! They fit the same about any other TB boot..

As you can see the logo is not a solid logo, more of an outline which I find neat and unusual. Now personally I believe these boots look better in black because of the transparent appearance of the logo.

This boot also comes in an almond color such as my Calista boots.


Product: Amanda Riding Boot / Price: $495

Here’s another glance at when I tried on the Amanda riding boot in the TB store!

Once again fitting similar to the usual TB style.

These were classic in their season…and I can see why! They are lovely boots, however, not as much for myself. You can actually see that the TB logo has the same general appearance as the Kiernan boot, except for the placement of the logo and the lines on the boots.

I know this boot comes in brown and black, unsure of any other colors.



Product: Maureen Rain Boot / Price: $195

Now this boot is still currently available on TB!

“Staying dry shouldn’t mean sacrificing style. Enter our Maureen Rainboot, a classic mid-calf style with a sturdy rubber tread and leather logo medallion detail. With its clean, refined look, it’s a reliable way to stay polished and put-together on the rainiest of days.” – toryburch.com

This boot is a very cute and fun little rainboot that comes in many different colors (also good for those of us who have short legs like yours truly). This boot really depends on your preference to how much coverage you like.

If you aren’t tired of my boot review by now, I hope you enjoyed it! I must say to wrap this up that Tory Burch boots are honestly like a dream to own, if you own any or plan to own any I suggest being sure you try on every boot to be sure it is what you want especially if you’re spending a couple hundred dollars on them!! Even if you plan to shop on a website such as ebay to save some money, I would still strongly suggest going into a Tory Burch store near you (Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus also carry TB if you do not have a TB store near) and being sure you can wear the boot! Every boot I have tried on has been extremely comfortable, no complaints there…although as I said earlier the tight squeeze on your calves and the tallness of the boots can be a disadvantage to those of us with short legs or larger calves. I do believe all the boots covered fit true to size!

However unfortunate the tight calf, don’t be that girl who buys a $500 boot that you can’t zip up all the way! I would think common sense would tell someone don’t buy something they can’t wear especially for that kind of money…but I have seen girls wearing Tory Burch boots that they cannot get zipped up all the way and personally I find that tacky as do other people I have told that to! I was on instagram one day and saw a girl who bought the almond Kiernan boots…she couldn’t get them around her calves and I initially thought… why in the world would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for a boot they cannot fit into?

As cute as Tory boots are… that will definitely distract from the quality and cuteness of the boot and that is the last thing you want to happen! You wanna show off your beautiful boots, not distract with the fact you can’t fit in them!

Although it is only coming on summertime, when you start thinking about your fall wardrobe, keep in mind Tory Burch boots are the perfect addition to any closet!

Look for more reviews to come! Any questions, comments, or feedback, we would love to hear! {Mackenzie}