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IMG_0595 IMG_0596This set comes with a Cobra mascara, a Lip Lustre in Ruby, a 3D Liquid Lustre in Diamond,an eye shadow in Serenity and a blush in Crimson.  The retail value of these products is $91.

I’m a big fan of Lorac products and I’ve been wanting to try the Cobra mascara and the Liquid Lustre in the Diamond color, plus I love the Lip Lustre and the shadow, so I definitely wanted two new colors.  I hadn’t tried Lorac blush before but I’ve been on a blush kick lately, so this set was pretty much ideal for me.

This photo shows the blush, shadow, the free sample that comes with each order, the mascara, lip lustre and 3d lustre.  I have to say, I love all of these products except the blush.  The blush is highly pigmented and I applied way too much the first time, but I found it to be slightly splotchy and difficult to blend.

IMG_0619This photo shows the blush, lip lustre, 3D lustre on the eyes (it can be used for many things, including for your hair!), and the Cobra mascara.

The Cobra mascara has a really great brush that makes it really easy to get to the root of the lash and also into the corners.  The formula is great too, super rich black and smooth with no clumps, very easy to apply.

The 3D Lustre did flake a tiny bit but I used it with no primer and no setting spray so I could test it out on its own first.  It is such an amazing glossy, glittery, frosty, metallic product, it is really hard to describe or photograph.  The set of four colors is on sale right now for $18 so I’m going to order it.

The Lip Lustre is one of my favorite lip products of all time.  I have three other shades and I didn’t see this one available on its own, so I would have purchased this set just for this if I had to.  They’re so smooth and glossy and taste/smell like cotton candy, which is the best thing ever!

I did not use the shadow with this look but I have several other Lorac shadows and I love them.

This is a great set, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a set of colors and products that work well together or for someone new to Lorac.


Swatches are of 3d lustre and mascara (eyes), lip lustre (lips), blush, shadow, lip lustre and 3d lustre.

Cost: $23 and free shipping.  Available for a limited time.

Available at: Lorac Cosmetics