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3003010Maybelline Color Elixer is supposed to produce a rich, saturated color while leaving lips soft and cushiony.  I believe this comes in 20 shades, each place I’ve looked has had just a sampling of them, but I know there are at least 20.

I loved the look of these in the ads and commercials.  I’m really picky with my lip products because most lipsticks dry my lips out by noon and glosses are usually so tacky that my lips stick together and pull until they hurt.  I picked up two of these in the shades Mauve Mystique and Celestial Coral. The mauve shade seems true to name, but the Celestial Coral is really more of a bright pink.  I picked those colors based on the way they looked, not what they were named, so I’m fine with that, but the name is a little misleading.

These literally do everything they claim to do.  They make my lips feel soft and cushiony, they’re not tacky at all, even when they start to wear off.  The color payoff is super rich and pigmented, just as shown in the commercials. They’re comfortable to wear all day and I love that it fills in lines rather than collects in them.  The scent/flavor is somewhat odd, fruity and perfume-like but not unpleasant.  I found myself getting sort of addicted to it and if I couldn’t catch a strong whif of it, I would re-apply so I could sniff often.  I used them alone, with no primer, base or liner and experienced no bleeding.  The only downside is that the tips of the applicators on both of mine were bent even though the package was sealed.  That’s a quality control issue, as I checked to make sure they weren’t supposed to be that way (hey, weirder things have happened).  As it starts to wear off, the color becomes more sheer but the comfort level stays the same and a hint of color remains.  I find these to be most comparable to Chanel Glossimer, and honestly they are slightly more comfortable as they wear off.  Chanel Glossimer tends to be a bit thicker, which makes it tacky as it begins to wear off. 


Celestial Coral

I’d like to pick up at least three more colors for now and am hoping for some glitter colors in future releases.  These are a great find and well worth investing in.  They are much better quality than I expected and the feel of the formula is unique.  I am highly impressed with these and after wearing them for a week, I really don’t want to use anything else.

Pros: Rich Pigmentation, Comfortable, Moisturizing, High Gloss Finish

Cons: Quality Control Issues with Applicator, Some Colors are Hard to Find

Cost: Around $7

Available at: Drugstores, Walmart, Target

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