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setI know this has been out for a little while now but I wanted to give this a fair shot before I posted my thoughts on it.  This set comes in a pretty gold and pink chevron bag with a zipper at the top.  I really like the bag, it is sturdy, well-made and decently sized for traveling.  I will definitely use it for that.

bagset insideThe set contains 20 shadows, two blushers, two bronzers, a mascara, a tinted lip plumper and a fold out card with application instructions/techniques.  I am a big fan of Too Faced products and had been wanting to try several of the items in this set, so when I decided to limit my holiday palette/set intake to just a few, this was #1 on my list.  All of the shadows look amazing, super pretty colors that are perfect for the holidays and fairly unique.  I have many Too Faced shadow singles that I love but this is the first time I’ve tried any of the palettes.  I am a bit disappointed with these, as many of the shimmery brown shades all look the same on my eyes even though they clearly have a different shade and base color in the pot.  I am also unhappy with the pigmentation.  I feel like the quality is not up to par with the singles from this brand.  I did check other reviews on this and no one else has had this problem as of yet.  I know some people have had this issue with Tarte palettes but I’ve always loved their palettes and never had any problems with them.  I’m wondering if the “bottom of the pot” ends up in certain palettes and the formula is different in those.  I’m not sure how else to explain what’s going on with this.  I do like them enough to keep the set so I wouldn’t let this deter you if you’re interested in purchasing.  I really do think this is just a quality control issue with all brands and it is highly unlikely to recieve a “faulty” one like this.  Using these shadows wet would probably help a lot but I do not particularly like that method of application.  Personal preference.


The blushers and bronzers are more like the quality I expected from Too Faced.  They are both extremely pigmented and a little goes a very long way.  They last all day and I’ve been using them most days since I got this set, particularly Raindrops on Roses and Chocolate Soleil.  I kept smelling chocolate all day the first time I used this and didn’t realize what it was at first.  I love that though, it smells just like real chocolate.  I haven’t tried Sun Bunny yet because it is shimmery.  I used this before and prefer it more in the summer.


The Better Than Sex mascara was new for me, as I tend to stick with my same mascara.  I am so glad I ended up getting to try this because I love it!  The brush is super bushy with a ton of tiny fibers and it looks like it would be messy but it isn’t at all.  I do have to coat the lashes several times to get a significant amount of product onto them but the end result is just beautiful.  This isn’t extremely lengthening but it IS extremely volumizing and thickening.  I look like I have double the amount of lashes when I use this.  The bushy brush really catches every single tiny hair and keeps clumps away for a super smooth application.  The finish is not shiny or deep black, but more of a neutral, soft black.  I love it and will definitely repurchase.

The Lip Injection Color Bomb in the shade Bee Sting is a matte, neutral shade of lip plumper.  I used the original Lip Venom quite a lot when it first came out and sort of got away from it for some reason.  This is very similar in feeling, as it doesn’t burn or feel cold, but it feels sort of like my lips are vibrating from inside (it reminds me of the 5 gum commercial).  The feeling does travel to my tongue sometimes too.  I wouldn’t say I would purchase this again, just because I don’t love matte shades all that much, but I will use it along with colored gloss until I empty it.

All in all, this is a great value and comes with many useful products.  I would recommend this as a gift for anyone.  Those with a lot of makeup will appreciate this as much as someone new to using makeup.  It could serve as a complete kit for a beginner, but there are no applicators included.  I do like that money wasn’t wasted on this since I prefer to use my own brushes anyway.  This is a $56 Sephora exclusive and has limited availablility.

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