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Nov. IpsyFor more info on what Ipsy is, please read my original post here!  The November glam bag included a gold snakeskin print bag with a little wristlet loop.  This is my favorite bag so far.  Inside was an Em Michelle Phan mascara in brown, which I would never purchase, but I decided it will come in handy on days I don’t feel like doing makeup but have to run a quick errand.  It’s not as harsh as black mascara and doesn’t look out of place with no other makeup.  It wears nicely, not clumpy, lengthens a good bit, but it has fuzzy stuff all over the brush.  At first I thought this was supposed to be there, like those mascaras that contain fibers to build your lashes, but it doesn’t say anything about that on the box so I think it is just loose fuzz from the brush.  You can see it all over the wand and the end of the tube in the pic below (that’s not mascara on the end of the tube!)


Next is the Be A Bombshell lip pencil in Hot Damn.  I normally love super bright colors, but this is legit clown red.  I can’t say much about how it wears as far as the texture because I topped it with an opaque nude gloss.  When they mixed together, they produced a really beautiful red coral and I really love it so I’ll keep using it this way.  Swatch below.

Next is another Starlooks eye pencil, which I am very happy about because I loved the last Starlooks pencil I got in black.  This time I got the color Amethyst, which is lavender with silver metallic.  It is super beautiful and much more metallic than the photo is showing, but I’m still trying to figure out how to wear this color right now.  I think it will be beautiful as a shadow in the center of the lid with dark smokiness around it.  Definitely a glammed up color.  Swatch below.


Next is a Nailtini nail polish in Pewter.  My mom really loved this color but she got the color Champagne, so I traded with her since I would use either color equally.  I tend to lean more towards pinks and super dark colors so I’m not sure how often I’ll reach for these.  Last month I got a Zoya polish in Mason (sorry I didn’t have time to post) and I loved that one so much that I’ve used it twice already.  It was a deep burgundy/purple/pink pearlized shade.  If you want pics of last months bag, comment below and I can add a post.  I may gift this Nailtini shade, but I’m not sure yet.  It might be beneficial to branch out into a new color scheme and to try a new brand.

Next is an HSI Professional Argan Oil leave-in hair treatment bottle.  I used this a few times just to try it out and thought it worked equally as well as MoroccanOil and Suave Moroccan Infusion, but Argan oil is Argan oil.  As long as there aren’t any additives to lessen the effectiveness or damage your hair, they’re all pretty much going to work the same in my opinion.  I didn’t really get a fragrance with this one, which is fine, but I do like things that smell good, so I might not buy this in the future simply because I’d prefer fragrance instead.  I ended up tossing this in my bag to use as a travel oil.  The seal on the cap is well made so I’m not concerned about it leaking like my MoroccanOil travel bottle did!

Last is a Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched.  This is the first time I’ve tried a Pixi brand product.  I love the packaging, the clear top is always a win for me because I hate rooting through all my products looking for a specific color by reading all the labels (Nars, I love you but you’re a PITA!)  The green part is sort of rubbery, it feels weirdly nice and it is easy to grip and twist open.  I tend to think this might absorb some shock and protect the product if I were to drop it.  The color itself is extremely subtle and would be best for the fairest of skins.  I actually like it as a daily contour color because it adds just the tiniest bit of definition without making it look like I’m wearing makeup.  It’s great for everyday but I use a darker, more prominent bronzers for evening.

I’m really enjoying these new products.  Again this month I find myself feeling like I got a bunch of goodies that I never would have purchased, but am glad I have now that I’ve tried them.  This is exactly what I was hoping for from Ipsy.  I wanted to broaden my cosmetic horizons and try new brands, products and colors.  I’m so happy with my subscription and plan to continue it pretty much forever.  If you’re interested in giving Ipsy a try, you can use my referral link to subscribe!

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