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I recently snagged a bunch of NYX items and decided to do a review/haul post for them.  So, you may already know how much I despise Ulta, well that’s the only place I can get NYX around here, so I decided to order directly from the NYX website instead.  Shipping is free for orders over $25.  I ended up with a total of five lipsticks, a purple shadow palette with two glosses, three shadows (one was from my Ipsy glam bag but I included it because they arrived around the same time), a glitter, a lip liner, an eye liner, and two tubes of gloss.

The puff you see in the first photo was a free gift that came along with my order, and although it’s probably not something I’ll use, I am going to retain it for awhile just in case.  The black lace drawstring bag is what the items came packaged in.  I love this bag and will find use for it eventually.  It made me feel good that they included these cute little touches.  It encourages me to re-purchase from the website.

My first lipstick item shown is the Matte Lipstick in the shade Alabama.  It is a warm, true red.  I am not a fan of the formula.  It is very drying and I have to use it with chapstick underneath.  I can get away with keeping it matte if I use the original Burt’s Bee’s but I don’t think I should have to do that just to get a decent matte lipstick that doesn’t kill my lips.  Next lipstick pictured is the Black Label Lipstick in Tea in Afternoon.  This is a slightly more expensive version of the round lipstick and the texture is slightly different.  It is very similar to the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick, so if you’re looking for a more affordable version of that, this fits the bill.  It wasn’t uncomfortable on my lips, but it wasn’t creamy either.  I do tend to go for creamy lipstick so I wouldn’t say I’d purchase this again, but I will use it up.  Next are the three Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks in Eros, Gem and Paparazzi.  This is the product that got me hooked on NYX to begin with.  I love this creamy lipstick.  The color payoff is great and it is soft and creamy, doesn’t dry out my lips at all.

DSC00899Here are some swatches of the lip colors.  Look how dry and chalky the matte lipstick looks and how creamy the last three look. The two glosses from the palette are also swatched above the lipsticks.





DSC00900Next are the nine shadows and two lip glosses in the little palette, called the Purple Smokey Look Kit.  Some of the shadows are very similar, and two of them are very nearly identical.  The color payoff isn’t that great and they are a bit chalky.  The glosses in here are slightly tacky, have no taste and are lacking in pigment.  This little palette was a fail for me.



The second photo shows the loose glitter in an iridescent lilac color.  I haven’t tried this yet but the color is so pretty!  The glitter is followed by the three shadows in shades Golden Poppy (from September Ipsy), Yellow Marigold and Morocco.  These three shadows have nice color payoff and are creamy and soft.  They are nothing like the ones in the palette.  I use them quite often and I am loving the gold one for under my eyes right now.

The Long Pencil Lip in Plush Red is actually pretty awesome.  It is an exact match for my Kat Von D Foiled Love in Valentine and very close to the Michael Kors Bombshell as well, but works with many similar colors.  It doesn’t feather and has great lasting power.  I find that I wear my dark lipsticks more now that I have this.

The Long Pencil Eye in White is not great.  I love that it is white and I can do a doe eye look with it, but it doesn’t last and it is too chalky (there’s a theme going here…) to even attempt using in the waterline for those of you who like to line there.  Won’t purchase again.

The two glosses in Sweet Dream and Shangri La are very yummy but they come out extremely clear.  I don’t really mind this because I can use them on top of my lipstick to add a bit of glimmer and they smell and taste good all day.  In fact, they’ve been my new go-to for this.

I think with this brand, you really need to know what works for you and stick to it.  For me, the creamy lipsticks and the lip pencils will remain part of my collection and I plan to add more lip pencils in the near future.  I do like the single shadows very much, but I am more of a palette girl so I can’t see myself purchasing a ton more of these, but I’m sure I’ll pick up a few more unique colors here and there.

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