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DSC00930As you may know, I love trying indie brands for their unique fragrance offerings, whether that may be for lip balm, body butter, candles, etc.  Time and time again I have ordered a plethora of sample items (yes, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Poison Apple Apothecary, I mean you!) only to be disappointed at the amount of money I wasted just so that I could walk around smelling like I live above in incense shop.

FINALLY I have found my HG indie brand!  I came across Alchemic Muse while browsing the bath and body section on Etsy.  I loved that their scent explanations seemed a little different than most.  They had many fresh, food, and holiday based fragrances that did not have that dark twist that most places use to make everything smell like the same crap. I ordered a few body whips to test them out.

I ordered Pumpkin Mallow, Zombee, and Turkish Mocha.  I received a thank you message from the seller right after purchase along with a refund for a few dollars because shipping worked out to be cheaper than estimated, and in a few days, my items had arrived.  They were packaged with tissue paper in a box, which was in an envelope yet too to protect during shipping.  Great job with the immaculate packaging.  The items themselves were each shrink wrapped with a perforated section to easily peel the plastic off, which was more than I expected from an indie brand.  But it gets better…they are also sealed under the lid to maintain freshness.  Really?  So basically this means I can hoard these and they’ll stay fresh for a looong time.

Each item comes with a label even though some of the smaller sized jars don’t show such on the site, so you can clearly see which item is which.  I have dry skin in general, so even in the summer I have to use a very heavy moisturizer on my legs and feet, and forget feeling nice in the winter, my legs are so freakin’ dry I have to moisturize two or three times a day.  I’ve tried so many body butters and they always feel great for a few hours but never last all day.  I feel like the top layers of skin are moisturized but then it goes away and has no real health benefits for my skin.  This body whip is totally different.  I know it’s not winter yet, but it’s been pretty cold and dry this fall and let me tell you, this stuff lasts all day.  A little goes a long way and it isn’t greasy at all.  The fragrance lasts lightly for quite awhile.  After about a week of using this after my nightly showers, I noticed my skin starting to look so plump and youthful.  I’ve never had any body cream that I actually saw lasting results from in the form of skin health benefits even though many claim to do so.  I literally cannot say enough good things about this product.

DSC00931Samples I received with each order.

I ordered several more body whips and a small size of the foaming body scrub in Castaway.  I’ve never found a scrub I like but that doesn’t keep me from trying.  They are either water based with no hydration or they leave a slimy, oily film all over my body (foul!) so when I tried this and it had the perfect balance of both, I was hooked yet again.  It has a thick, almost solid texture and when I scoop it out and lather it in my hands, it gets super frothy and it is well stocked with sugar.  It does contain cleansers, so you don’t have to wash before/after like with most scrubs and it isn’t so harsh that it burns my skin when I rub it on.  It left my skin with a very light layer of moisture, but not oily at all.  I wasn’t wary about using my white towels this time and the bottom of the tub didn’t get slimy.  I was able to make my evening tea and such before racing to bed to get lotion on like I normally do after a shower.  I still needed to use my body whip, but my skin wasn’t super dry when I finished my shower.  What a nice treat, I will be making it a weekly routine.  And what’s even better is the label is plastic, not paper, so it looks pretty sitting in the shower and the label won’t peel off and clog the drain.

Alchemic Muse has really thought this out and they’ve gotten it right.  I see that they have many repeat customers from their feedback.  I’ve adjusted my Christmas shopping list to include many of their items instead of other gifts I had planned to give.  They have a scent (or several) for everyone and I feel I won’t rest until I have one of each.  I sort of want a display tray for them now.  Yeah, just a tad obsessed…

They offer several other products and I am planning to try the body mist and bath melts next.  I honestly don’t plan to purchase any other brand of body lotion or scrub ever again, I’m that happy with these. And they’ve replaced my Lush and Tokyo Milk products.  I’ll still use some of the Tokyo Milk stuff since I have many fragrance loves of theirs, but not on a regular basis.  I am anxious to try some of the island fragrances this spring too!  Give this brand a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Body Whip Pros: Long Lasting Moisture, Repairs & Nourishes Dry Skin, Smells Great, Not Overpowering, Large Fragrance Selection, Great Packaging

Foaming Body Scrub Pros: Contains Cleanser, Not Greasy or Oily, Not Too Harsh, Smells Great, Great Packaging

Cons: None

Cost: Varies with each product/size.  From $3.60-$12

Available at: Alchemy Muse’s Etsy Shop

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