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skyn gelsI received these in my September Ipsy glam bag and promised a review of them after I’d had the opportunity to try them out while traveling.  I wanted to wait until I thought I might really need them so I could see if they did the job.  These gels are supposed to de-puff and reduce lines and wrinkles while firming the under eye area.

They come in a little reservoir on a plastic sheet.  You have to peel them off and stick them on your face under the eye area.  They are fairly large, beginning at the bridge of my nose and reaching all the way around and over to just below my temples.  They are one time use.  Application was easy, but when I used my second set, I ended up putting them too close to my eyes and couldn’t close my eyes correctly while they were on, but they didn’t burn or bother my eyes at all.  They stay on securely.  You can go about your business doing whatever you need to do and not worry about them falling off.  After ten minutes, I peeled them off easily.  They came off so nicely without any pulling that it was hard to believe they had stayed on with no issue.

I did see a big difference in the skin under my eyes.  It looked refreshed and rejuvenated.  I noticed some reduction in darkness even though the product doesn’t claim to do this, and also a reduction in puffiness.  I used these before bed, thinking they would leave a residue that would work like a treatment overnight, but in the morning, my eyes look like they always do.  I think this product would be better for a quick pick-me-up in the am rather than for night use as it doesn’t seem to provide any long term results.

I liked the feeling of these though, they were very cool and refreshing without feeling like there was menthol on my face.  I would definitely purchase these again even though the results appear to be temporary.  They wouldn’t be something I’d use every day, but they are definitely a treat for over-tired or stressed travel days.  Be sure to check out the Skyn Iceland store locator, as their products are sold at some unique places like Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret.

Pros:  Feels Nice, De-Puffs, Reduces Dark Circles, Non-Sticky

Cons: Temporary Results

Cost: $30 for 8 pairs

Available at: Skyn Iceland, Ulta, DermStore

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