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Korres GYThis is a weightless, ultra-hydrating night-time facial treatment packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins to restore health to skin.

I had this for awhile and refused to try it out.  I just couldn’t get past putting a dairy product on my face to sour overnight.  Plus, I’ve never really been one to use food for beauty purposes anyway.  Ashley tried this and loved it so I finally decided to give it a go, that is if it smelled nice when I opened it.  It smells good.  It smells super good.  Can’t really describe it, sort of fresh but not floral, and it doesn’t make me sneeze like most fragranced beauty products.  The texture is thick and creamy but it spreads well and doesn’t tug on my skin when I rub it in.  I used it as my last step in my night-time skincare routine.

When I woke up in the morning, my skin was so radiant and youthful looking, I couldn’t believe it.  I really didn’t expect a change after just one use.  This shows how hungry my skin is even when it doesn’t look or feel dry.  I was not over moisturized at all and I was not greasy.  My skin had a wonderful, glowing balance to it that was so natural feeling.  It just felt like super healthy skin, the way skin is supposed to be.  I continued to use it nightly for a week to see if I ended up breaking out or getting greasy but neither happened.  Each morning my skin looked and felt great.  Towards the end of the week, my face did sort of feel slightly heavy, but this is not meant for daily use anyway.  I recommend using this three times a week for normal/dry skin, but when I get a bit more dry in the winter, I may use it a bit more often if needed.  I will be excited to see if this is able to sustain the health of my skin over the dry winter months.  Maybe I won’t need to up the usage if my skin is healthy from the inside going into winter.

Pros: Nourishing, Not Over-Moisturizing, Smooth Application, Smells Good

Cons: None

Cost: $45 for 1.35 oz.

Available at: Sephora, HSN