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Hello Lashes TubeHello Lashes is a treatment mascara that is supposed to take the place of volumizing mascara, conditioning lash primer, lash enhancing serum, lash tint and lash curler.  Basically, you get a conditioning mascara that you don’t need to use a lash curler with.  It is packed with vitamins and conditioning oils and has none of the chemical ingredients or fragrances that can irritate eyes.  I got this because I have issues with my lashes falling out when I use certain mascaras and wanted to try something that would be healthy and less drying for my lashes.  I have been getting fed up with the unreliability of my Buxom Lash.  Sometimes the formula is dry and flaky, other times it’s great so I never know what I’m going to get each time I purchase a new tube.

The wand on Hello Lashes is very slim, with minimal bristles on it and the tip has a little round ball with its own bristles.  The handle has a spongy little gripper on it to hold onto while you apply, and while I thought it might be awkward, I really like it and it does make it easier to keep my hand steady and work smoothly.  I do like the more narrow wands because it is easier for me to get to the root of the lashes without smudging it onto my face or in my eyes but I find that they rarely deliver much product.  By the look of this wand, I didn’t expect much, but it is amazing!  It delivers a ton of product onto my lashes in one swipe and it isn’t sharp at all (I tend to scratch my contacts quite often with bushy brushes).  I have not had any trouble with it smudging onto my face or getting in my eyes during application and the little ball on the end is tiny enough to reach the little lashes in the inner corners without touching my eye.  There is usually no clumping (sometimes there is too much product on the want, just swipe it back into the tube and bring it out again while running it along the edge) and it literally lasts all day with no flaking.  One coat of this makes my lashes long and full but two coats make it look like I am wearing false lashes, no one believes they are real, which is great for me since I’m allergic to lash glue.  The brush and the formula are genius and I have definitely found my HG mascara.

Hello LashesThis photo shows one coat of Hello Lashes on the right (my left eye) and bare lashes on the left.


Mascara ComparisonThis photo shows one coat of Hello Lashes on the right (my left eye) and a coat of Hello Lashes followed by a coat of Buxom Lash on the left.

It only comes in black, which I think is the color most people like regardless of their natural lash color.  The finish is a semi-gloss.  It’s not wet looking but is definitely not matte.  Perfect in every way for my preferences.  Although it provides a decent amount of volume, it lengthens quite a lot.  I have not used this long enough to determine if it has changed the texture of my lashes, but I swear they look fuller and healthier when I’m not wearing makeup.  I do know for sure that I have no lash loss with this and it does not irritate my highly sensitive eyes.  I’ve been using it as a first coat of mascara, then using my Buxom as a second coat for now until I get it used up.  I only plan to re-purchase the Hello Lashes in the future.

Pros: Lasts all Day, Conditioning, Contains Primer, No Need to Curl Lashes, Healhy Ingredients, Cruelty Free, Volumizing, Lengthening, No Flakes, Easy to Use Wand, Great Coverage, Nice Finish

Cons: Only comes in black.

Cost: $24

Available at: It Cosmetics, QVC