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The Color IQ matching system is a new feature on the Sephora website that is supposed to match your foundation color to all the brands they carry simply by entering the current shade you are wearing.  For example, if I wear Clinique Even Better in shade Beige, I enter that in the system and it will bring up all the other brands/lines that should also match my skin.  It does not work.  At all.  The colors that came back for me were way off, and I know this because I try just about everything for review purposes, and to see if I happen to find anything better than my current fave.  I find that I am generally between two and three shades into the color scheme, depending on how many colors a brand offers, but this Color IQ is pulling shades that are way at the other end of the spectrum, for someone way darker than I could ever get even with a deep tan.  I find that it will generate results based on the names of the colors, not the actual colors themselves.  And forget cool/warm/neutral.  It does not take this into account either.  I tried it with Make Up For Ever HD shade 120 and had the same problem. 

It only allows you to select brands they carry, so you’re out of luck with using it if you wear MAC or Chanel.  If Sephora is trying to prevent returns because of color match issues, this is only going to exacerbate the problem!  So, my point is, please do not rely on this to select a shade for you.  Order what you think will work best and utilize the free returns option if you need to exchange it, or of course just go to a store to be matched if you have one close to you.

Try your hand at the Color IQ system and let me know how it works for you…