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4f8b030e-38e3-4c85-8f42-528845bf7524(1)This is an all in one eraser, brightener and corrector with a radiant finish.  It is available in nine shades, ranging from 00-7.  I tried 1, Rendezvous. Although it looks grayish pink on all the advertisement swatches, the color is actually a creamy beige, similar to my natural skin.  The color matched well.

This is super smooth and applied nicely with my concealer brush with no creasing or clumping.  It really looked great, and did all that it claims to do…for about two hours.  After that I started noticing the product was sheering out.  It got worse over the course of the day until it looked like I had not used any concealer at all by noon.  The area around my nose became splotchy.  It looked as though it went away from my pores, which accentuated them.  I had high hopes for this at first and thought it was leaning toward HG status until I did a check after a few hours.  Boo.

Pros: Natural Looking, Brightening, Smooth Application, Good Coverage

Cons: Doesn’t Last

Cost: $39 for .08 oz.

Available at: Marc Jacobs Beauty, Sephora

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