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agave bamboo mo suave

When I launched this blog, I promised to do a comparison of hair oils, so here it is!  I tried out Moroccanoil, Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil, Suave Moroccan Styling Infusion and Agave Healing Oil Treatment.

I only used the Kendi Oil twice because it broke my face out where my hair touches it, so I stopped using it.  I didn’t really get a true feel on the way my hair reacted to it, but there was no way I was going to use something that I knew was causing skin irritation.  I am sensitive so it might not do this to most people.

Cost: $25 for 1.7 oz. at Sephora

The Agave Healing Oil Treatment was new to me.  It came out crystal clear and smelled so amazing.  It smelled like the beach, sort of like Hawaiian tropic but not like suntan lotion if that makes sense…it just smelled like a tropical island.  At first I thought it was doing great things, but after about a week I noticed the condition of my hair start to decline.  I was hoping I would like this a bit more because I was so in love with the smell, but it’s not something I would use on a daily basis.

Cost: $24 for 2 oz. at Sephora

Moroccanoil, the original.  Yes, I have been a faithful daily user of this for many years and it is one of the only products I have ever re-purchased.  I love it and had absolutely no reason to try anything else save for the fact that I ended up with deluxe samples of these other products.  You don’t need to use much of this and it absorbs evenly into my hair, keeping it healthy but not heavy.  My hair does not do well if I skip this in my routine!  If you don’t know, my hair is naturally nearly black, bleached to platinum blonde and very long.  I need great products to keep my hair healthy and long with all that processing.  I use great shampoo and conditioner too, but I attribute my hair’s durability to using the Moroccanoil for years.  The color is a dark amber, which is not the best for a blonde since it could add brassiness, but I use purple shampoo when I need it so it doesn’t really seem to effect the color that much.  The smell is amazing too.  Here is a pic of the Moroccanoil color.

Cost: $43 for 3.4 oz. at Moroccanoil


Suave Moroccan Oil Styling Infusion: ok wow.  Shockingly impressive.  This literally performs at least as well as Moroccanoil, similar ingredient list, similar smell, but the added benefit of being clear!  I am so in love with this, and to be honest, I really think it is slightly more smoothing than Moroccanoil.  This is coming from someone who has used nothing but Morrocanoil for years!  The Suave brand is much cheaper and more convenient to find too.  I would definitely recommend this as an alternative to Moroccanoil and I will most likely be purchasing this when my current bottle of Moroccanoil is finished.

Cost: $5.98 for 3 oz. at Walmart or any drugstore.