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ambient lightingThis finishing powder, available this past February comes in six shades.  It creates the illusion of being in a specific type of lighting depending on the shade you choose.

I purchased this in Ethereal Light, which is the lightest and least noticeable shade.  I shy away from warmth and like the super pale ethereal look, so I thought this would really be the best one for me.

I didn’t really notice much of a difference when using this.  It did give me a sort of pinkish white glow, but there is no way anyone else would have noticed this.  I really had to look for it to see anything.  I didn’t think it lasted long, a few hours max, which is sort of what I normally get with translucent finishing powders, which is why I tend to use them over my regular long-lasting powder to keep everything super smooth and HD.  I think the price is a little bit high, but I have heard good things about the darker, warmer shades, so it might be worth a try.  It did have an odd smell, which I didn’t care for but it only smelled in the compact, not on my face.

I didn’t take any pics for this since it didn’t really show up or do anything special for me.  Overall, if you’re into translucent powders, Ethereal Light might be the color choice for you.  I really wanted to love this, it just didn’t happen for me.  If anyone has any input on some of the warmer shades, comment below!

Pros: Non-Cakey

Cons: Not Very Noticeable, Short-Lasting

Price: $45

Available at: Sephora, Hourglass Cosmetics