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What it is: Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that sends you three pieces of jewelry each month, you get to wear them for 60 days, then return or keep them.

I was so excited to get my first Rocksbox.  Jewelry shopping is so tedious for me so I was happy to give this service a try.  I had a free coupon for my first month too, so nothing to lose there.

When I first logged on to Rocksbox, I registered and took a style quiz to help them determine what type of style I have and on what occasions I like to wear jewelry.  I chose jewelry for work and weekend.  The idea is that you can try out any of the designer jewelry they send for 60 days. (You still get monthly shipments if you keep your membership going.)  At the end of the 60 days, you return the jewelry in the prepaid shipping envelope that is included.  If you like any of the jewelry enough to keep, just don’t return that piece and your card gets charged for it.  You get 20% off retail if you choose to purchase anything and the retail value of the three pieces combined is usually around $200.  So basically you can rent jewelry that has been hand picked for you and choose to keep it if you like.  Subscription cancellation is as easy as logging in to the dashboard section of the site and sending a cancellation message.

I really didn’t intend to keep my membership going past the first free month, but once my box arrived, I liked it so much that I decided to purchase a six month subscription right away.  The monthly fee is $19 but you get discounts for purchasing in six or 12 month packages.  I easily spend more than that on jewelry in a year and I end up hating most of it and never wearing it anyway so for me this is a great deal.

My package came in a bubble envelope with a box tied with a pink ribbon and inside were three organza baggies wrapped in tissue paper.  The packing slip inside tells you when the items must be returned and the cost of each, all of it is in big print and very easy to read/understand.  Nothing shady or sneaky going on to try to get money.  There is also a little comment card inside to indicate how you feel about each piece so they can better choose your next box.

DSC00619 DSC00621

I examined all of the pieces and noticed that they are all of excellent quality.  At first, the only thing I found to be really striking were the teardrop earrings, but I figured I should try new things since I have access to these pieces for two months.  After wearing the leaf earrings, I thought they were nice and would probably wear them now and then, but they weren’t anything special.  The necklace that I thought was so basic at first really grew on me and I decided I had to keep it.  There was something so sweet and simple about it.  Those teardrop earrings were a must from the get-go, so all in all, my first Rocksbox was really successful.

DSC00622 DSC00623

I was really happy with the selection they chose for me.  I don’t think I would have picked any of those items for myself but ended up really falling in love with two of them.  This is exactly what I was hoping for when I subscribed.  I really needed to broaden my jewelry style horizon, as my rocker chic style doesn’t transition into the work week very well.

DSC00671 DSC00676

If anyone is interested in subscribing, you can use this link: Rocksbox-Elissa and I will get referral credit, which is awesome.  And, the code for your first month free is: friendsrock.  If anyone subscribes, send me some pics and show me what you get!  I might look into some other subscription services, I’m really loving this!