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lipsick queenWhat it is: A blue conditioning lipstick that transforms into a sheer blackberry shade when applied.

Finally!  It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this to come back in stock.  It originally came out back in May exclusively to Barney’s and sold out immediately every time they got a new shipment.  The Lipstick Queen website was also sold out each time I checked until recently, when I made my first purchase from this brand.  The description of the color is stated as such: “Hello Sailor tints lips in a cool, berry tone with a hint of deep sapphire…can be worn alone or as a nourishing lip stain…”  So, it delivers on no part of that statement.  Well, technically you can wear it alone.

UPDATE: Day two of trying this lipstick pretty much negates every part of my last review.  I decided to leave it up and add to it rather than replace it completely in case others have the same experience.

lipstick queen packageI thought the big box it was shipped in was a little excessive for one tube of lipstick, but then when I opened it, I saw it was in a heavy paper shopping bag filled with tissue paper, then the lipstick inside the bag was wrapped in more tissue paper and sealed with a sticker, then inside all that, it was in a box.  No wonder this cost $30 after shipping!  All that packaging was a nice touch, but completely unnecessary and made me wonder why the company wouldn’t want to keep prices down and scrap some of that over-packaging.

I first swatched this on my hand because I was too excited to wait until I removed my other lipstick.  Nothing happened.  Clear, just slightly shiny.  So, I prepared my lips and slathered it on for about 30 seconds.  Nothing.  Waited a half hour.  Still nothing.  I am sort of wondering if mine is defective?

Here are two photos after heavy application.  You can see that there is a very, very slight tint, but nothing near the description.

Hello Sailor 1 hello sailor 2

UPDATE:  Here are two photos of me at work after using this the next day.  As you can see, the pigment is very close to the swatch on the Lipstick Queen site and to the description they give.  The only difference is that I didn’t have any other lipstick on prior that I removed…maybe it doesn’t work well with other product residue? Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics here.

hs1 hs2

And here I am again in the evening after wiping my lips clean.  There is clearly a stain as the description says there should be.

DSC00615 DSC00618

On the up side, I love the smooth, buttery consistency.  It is super moisturizing and conditioning.  Lipstick Queen does not accept returns on items that have been used, so keep that in mind when choosing to order.  I would like to try another more predictable shade from this brand since I loved the consistency so much, but the color payoff fell so short on this one.  Their other lipsticks are cheaper too.  In the end I overpaid for a really great lip balm.

UPDATE: Color payoff is as described if you apply it in the am with no lip primer or chapstick, etc. I re-applied several times during the day to keep the buttery consistency, but the color really never needed to be refreshed.

Pros: Conditioning, Creamy, Smooth

Cons: Minimal Color Payoff,Unpredictable, Excessive Packaging, Hard to Find in Stock

Cost: $25

Available at: Lipstick Queen, Barney’s