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This is exactly what I needed for my eyeshadow singles and lipsticks.  I watched this tutorial once, gathered my supplies, then watched it again, pausing as I moved through the project.  I was extremely happy with my finished eyeshadow dividers and made one for my lipsticks shortly thereafter.  These have been a huge help to me and I am now using products that had been forgotten at the bottom of my drawers.  After using it a few days, I started to get familiar with where everything was located so knowing where the item is that I want has been saving me time in the morning.  If you’re planning to try this, have tried it, or have questions about it, please post!  I’d like to hear what you think of it.

eyeshadow dividerlipstick dividers

Time Investment: Varies with amount of compartments, approx. 3 hours.

Cost:  $0

Difficulty: Moderate-lots of measuring and cutting gets boring.

The tutorial can be found on EnKoreMakeup’s YouTube Channel.