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muji caseHave you always wanted one of those crystal clear acrylic makeup storage chests with the drawers?  The ones just like Kim Kardashian’s $300 storage drawers?  I found a place that sells some that are pretty much identical.  Muji has a store in Times Square, New York selling various items including acrylic makeup storage containers.  The containers are also available for purchase online, so I ordered one.  I got the large five drawer case, but they come in several configurations and sizes.


It came well packaged and the item was completely wrapped to prevent any scratches or chips in the acrylic.  The drawers were unaligned initially, but once I re-inserted them, they slid great and stayed in the track.  I purchased several other matching items, including the top section shown below from The Container Store to complete my makeup vanity.  These are all great products and are very reasonably priced.  They look expensive and are of high quality. I believe the only difference between these and Kim’s are the little handles vs. the pulls.  I honestly prefer the Muji brand pulls much better.


Pros: Beautiful, High Quality, Reasonable Price, Well Packaged

Cons: Not Always in Stock

Price: $27.95

Available at: Muji, The Container Store