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DIY High Waisted Shorts in 3 Steps

High waisted shorts are totally cute! But is it really necessary to pay $30-$60 for them? I didn’t think so, so I went to a local consignment/thrift store, bought a pair of $5 jeans and made myself my own pair.

– Steps –

1.) Go to your local consignment/thrift store and buy a pair of jeans. Any you like; length doesn’t matter, you’re cutting them off anyways.

2.) Make a small mark on your pants at where you want to cut them off. Cut a little longer to begin with; remember, you can always cut a little more if you want.

3.) Cut your jeans at desired length.

4.) BE CREATIVE (See Optional Suggestions Below)

5.) Gently wash.

– Optional Suggestions –

  • Want a distressed look?

Take a pumice stone or something similar that you can rub your shorts with to distress the ends.

  • Want holes?

Cut with scissors, be cautious NOT to cut the pockets when/if cutting near the pockets.

  • Want the ombre look?

Gradually bleach shorts until you get the ombre look you want. (If you want some color you can also dye your shorts after bleaching and washing them.)

  • Want to add color?

Bleach your shorts however you want, ombre or bleached all over. Then simply find some color dye and dye your shorts!

If you’re curious to know about any other ways to design your shorts, I’ve even seen people add studs; BE CREATIVE! If you have any questions feel free to ask.