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Dead SexyWhat it is: a collection of unique smelling, richly nourishing body lotions.

I purchased this in Dead Sexy-described as romantic and ethereal.  Also available in Song in D Minor, Marine Sel, Eden, Kabuki, Let them Eat Cake, French Kiss, Honey & the Moon, Gin & Rosewater and Le Petit.

This came is a pretty box that I didn’t mind displaying. Inside the box, the lotion was in a metal toothpaste-like tube.  I like this type of tube because you can roll it as you go and it doesn’t waste product at the bottom like bottles do.  And although it doesn’t stand up, if you keep it in the box, you can solve that problem.  The box looks much better than any lotion bottle anyway.  It smelled amazing and I was very happy with the fragrance since I had nothing to go on except the description on the Tokyo Milk Website.  It smells light, floral and sexy, not too girly.  The texture is thick but smooth and it absorbs fairly quickly.  I don’t mind feeling it on my skin for awhile, it makes me feel hydrated.  I could smell it every now and then until I fell asleep.  Then, the next evening before I applied it again, I could smell it on my sheets.  I absolutely loved getting into a fresh, naturally floral smelling bed.  (Is this a good time to mention that I despise artificial air fresheners?!) I used it for several nights in a row and my skin felt and looked great in the morning.  I really love everything about this and plan to try out some additional fragrances, as well as purchase the Dead Sexy perfume.  I’ve already purchased the matching cosmetic bag, which I am also very happy with.

Pros: Smells Great, Nourishing, Fragrance Lasts, Beautiful Packaging, Samples Included with Order

Cons: Small Portion

Cost: $20 for 2.3 oz.

Available at: Tokyo Milk