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Cuccio Lytes Stock Photo

What it is: a sheer, light body butter targeting hands and feet that claims to make skin look and feel younger.

I purchased one of these in Lavender & Chamomile and one in Honey & Soy Milk.  They are also available in Tuscan Citrus & White Tea, Guava & Mangosteen, Pomegranate & Acai, and the newest addition of Vanilla Bean & Sugarcane.  These are only available to professional cosmetologists, so you will need to check with your salon or order it from a beauty supply site online.

I tried the Lavender & Chamomile first and the fragrance was initially too strong for my liking.  After a few minutes it mellowed and became more pleasant as I caught whiffs of it every now and then.  I am sensitive to most fragrances though, so I am fairly critical in this category.  The texture is very nice.  It is cool and silky and instantly absorbs.  My skin felt soft and supple and it looked well nourished and radiant.  I use it several times a day after each hand washing, which I do often.  I need lotion each time to keep my hands from feeling dry from all the washing and this is the product I prefer for this.

The Honey & Soy Milk fragrance was much more appealing to me.  It was softer and reminded me of a typical lotion smell.  I would be interested in trying the new Vanilla Bean & Sugarcane in the  near future.

Pros: Silky, Softening, Non-Greasy, Restores Health to Skin

Cons: Some Fragrances are too Strong, Can be Difficult to Find a Retailer

Cost: $5-$11

Available at: CosmoProf Stores (professional cosmetologists only), any Professional Salon (you may need to ask for it), and online at many retailers (I did a search and came up with a long list).